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July 2015


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Diggers Returns to Crisscross the U.S. in Search of Priceless Historical Artifacts; Follow KG and Ringy, Metal Detectors in Hand, as They Uncover Nectar From American Legends: Trace the Footsteps of Butch Cassidy, Visit the Homestead of Randall McCoy, Follow the Trail of Captain John Smith and March the Path of Ulysses S. Grant

Diggers New Season Premieres Monday, July 20, at 10/9C on NGC

(WASHINGTON, D.C. – July 13, 2015) Tim “Ringy” Saylor and George “KG” Wyant scour the country for relics of lost American history; from battlefields to abandoned mining towns, the explorers and history buffs leave no stone unturned. This season, the duo is back and the stakes are even higher: with greater exclusive access, more iconic locations and all-new mysteries surrounding some of America’s most notorious historical figures, season four of Diggers premieres Monday, July 20, at 10/9C on National Geographic Channel. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at

This season, KG and Ringy have kicked up the hunt for nectar to a whole new level to uncover the priceless historical artifacts lying just below our feet. Along the way, working with local historians and archaeologists, they trace the relics back to reveal the stories and legends that could have been. Explore the old haunts of Butch Cassidy and his buddies — could a found belt buckle have belonged to the Sundance Kid himself? Travel to Virginia where the duo have exclusive access to James Madison’s estate and birthplace; their nectar could shed new light on the “Father of the Constitution.” Visit an old World War II prisoner of war (POW) camp in Mississippi where the duo uncovers possessions that could provide clues to the identities of the high-ranking German officials imprisoned there. And travel west to follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark as the Diggers hunt for lost pieces of their expedition.

The Diggers team continues to work in close collaboration with archaeologists and historians at every site, forging new relationships with preservation societies along the way. Officers of the Society for American Archaeology and Society for Historical Archaeology have vocalized their support for the series and, this season, Diggers is collaborating more directly with some of these organizations. KG, Ringy and the entire Diggers team take pride in helping to save artifacts from destruction and leaving finds with their communities or landowners so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

New locations and stories include:

  • -  Sleepy Hollow in NEW YORK: KG and Ringy head to the iconic Van Tassel house mentioned in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” as well as other historic locations around the area.

  • -  The Battle of Saratoga in NEW YORK: The Battle of Saratoga marks one of the pivotal moments in American history — a turning point of the Revolutionary War. The Americans’ victory convinced the French to provide their support and supplies, and we’re hot on the trail of Rev nectar.

  • -  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in WYOMING: We’ll head to one of the most famous stops on the Outlaw Trail, the Hole-in-the-Wall cabins where Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and many other outlaws spent their time when hiding from the law.

  • -  The Hatfields and the McCoys in KENTUCKY/WEST VIRGINIA: In season one, KG and Ringy uncovered the lost homestead of Randall McCoy. At the time, archeologists were called in to confirm the site, but now, with the Diggers’ help, a full archeological excavation is under way, and the guys are joining in.

  • -  Captain John Smith in VIRGINIA: The Diggers are searching historic sites where John Smith might have landed, as well as an Indian trail possibly used by Pocahontas in her duties as a tribal ambassador.

  • -  The Ludlow Massacre in COLORADO: The team is at the site of the Ludlow Massacre where striking miners were attacked by the anti-union Colorado National Guard. And the guys also head to Morley, Colorado, where mine cave-ins, runaway cars and explosions led miners to demand safer working conditions.

  • -  German POW Camp in MISSISSIPPI: After being defeated, German POWs were rounded up in Europe and shipped across the Atlantic to camps all across the United States. The duo are on a quest to find evidence of this hidden history and see if they can find artifacts tied to World War II.

    - America’s Deadliest Fire in WISCONSIN: The deadliest fire in American history broke out in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, when a wall of flames 1,000 feet high and five miles across devastated the city. The Diggers have been invited by the city’s mayor to find artifacts for the local museum.

    Premiere episodes include:

    Diggers: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
    Monday, July 20, at 10/9c
    KG and Ringy are in Wyoming’s Hole-in-the-Wall Valley, hot on the heels of one of the Wild West's most notorious outlaws, Butch Cassidy. In the late 1800s, Butch and his sidekick, the Sundance Kid, earned a good living and a bad reputation robbing thousands of dollars from banks and trains. The Diggers are searching the spot where Butch, Sundance and their gang of bandits hid out. If they left any treasure behind, KG and Ringy are determined to find it.

    Diggers: Madison's Montpelier
    Monday, July 20, at 10:30/9:30c
    The Diggers head to Virginia to follow in the footsteps of the fourth president of the United States, James Madison. Madison was one of the most important figures in American history, and KG and Ringy have been granted exclusive access to his historic homes — his estate, Montpelier, and his birthplace, Belle Grove Plantation — to look for artifacts that could help shed more light on the “Father of the Constitution.”

    Diggers: Sleepy Hollow
    Monday, July 27, at 10/9c
    KG and Ringy are in upstate New York, digging deep into what’s been called the first American horror story: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” This part of New York’s Hudson River Valley is the backdrop for the story partly because it’s chock-full of Revolutionary War history — and it was the real-life horrors of the American Revolution that inspired Washington Irving’s famous story.

    Diggers: The Ludlow Massacre
    Monday, July 27, at 10:30/9:30c
    The Diggers have been invited by the United Mine Workers of America to southern Colorado, deep in coal country, to search for artifacts from the infamous Ludlow Massacre of 1914, when coal company guards fired on striking miners and their families. For more than 100 years, secrets of that day have lain beneath the ground. Now, KG and Ringy will look for important artifacts that could shed light on one of the most important days in the history of workers’ rights.

    Diggers: Treasures of the Caribbean
    Monday, Aug. 3, at 10/9c
    Today, St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a vacationer's dream, but in the 1700s, pirates made it a place no one wanted to visit, and KG and Ringy are on the hunt for their buried treasure. But pirates aren’t the only ones who could have left behind riches — the legendary Knights of Malta once ruled here. The Diggers could become legends in their own right if they can find any artifacts from either of these mysterious groups.

Diggers: Grant's Landing
Monday, Aug. 3, at 10:30/9:30c
KG and Ringy are in western Mississippi marching in the footsteps of legendary Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. While Grant’s best known for land battles, in 1863 he pulled off America's largest amphibious assault until Normandy in World War II. And now the boys are looking for the spot where his troops came ashore. But the mighty Mississippi is constantly changing course and has shifted since Grant's day — will they be able to pinpoint the location and a few Civil War artifacts?

Diggers: Band of Brothers
Monday, Aug. 10, at 10/9c
The Diggers have traveled deep into the heart of Dixie, but they’re not after Civil War nectar this go-round. They’re digging for World War I and World War II artifacts from training camps and airfields in the South. The sites are all but lost to time, and KG and Ringy are fighting to preserve the history of “The Greatest Generation” and maybe find a buried World War I airplane!

Diggers: The Real McCoy
Monday, Aug. 10, at 10:30/9:30c
KG and Ringy are back in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia on the frontlines of one of the most infamous feuds in American history: the Hatfields and the McCoys. The last time the Diggers were here, they made history by locating the McCoy homestead, and now they’re back to join a full-fledged archaeology team, hunt for more feud nectar and settle a rivalry of their own.

Diggers: Battle of Shiloh
Monday, Aug. 17, at 10/9c
Shiloh, Tennessee, is the site of one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles. The Diggers are here searching for artifacts from the bitter surprise attack by Confederate soldiers on Grant’s army, waged from the Tennessee River into Mississippi. KG and Ringy are hoping to shed some light on the lives of the brave soldiers who fought here.

Diggers: America’s Deadliest Fire
Monday, Aug. 17, at 10:30/9:30c
The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 stunned the nation, but few people know that the deadliest fire in U.S. history actually happened on that same day just 250 miles to the north in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. KG and Ringy are in Peshtigo, where they’ve been invited to help shed light on the town’s forgotten history by collecting artifacts for the victims’ descendants and the Peshtigo Fire Museum.

Diggers: The Battle of Saratoga
Monday, Aug. 24, at 10/9c
KG and Ringy have exclusive access to three significant sites from the famous Battle of Saratoga. In the fall of 1777, America’s Continental Army rallied against a Redcoat attempt to crush them. It was a crucial victory in America’s fight for independence from British rule and a turning point of the American Revolution. The Diggers hope to uncover some serious Rev nectar!

Diggers: Santa Fe Trail
Monday, Aug. 24, at 10:30/9:30c
Back in the 1800s, Wild West legends like Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp frequented the towns along the Santa Fe Trail, and so did everyday outlaws, gamblers, and thugs. The Diggers are headed for two spots on the route — one of the violent, original sin cities of the West and a long-lost fort that helped keep the peace. They’re in search of a wild piece of New Mexican history.

Diggers: 12 Years a Slave
Monday, Aug. 31, at 10/9c
KG and Ringy are in Louisiana, on the trail of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was kidnapped in the 1840s and sold into slavery. Solomon chronicled his ordeal in his autobiography, “12 Years a Slave,” which was made into an Academy Award-winning movie 160 years later. Precious few artifacts remain from enslaved people, so the boys have teamed up with two of Solomon’s descendants to help bring light to this dark time in history.

Diggers: Captain John Smith’s Virginia Nectar
Monday, Aug. 31, at 10:30/9:30c
The Diggers head to Virginia’s Northern Neck to follow in the footsteps of one of America's first explorers, Captain John Smith. In 1608, one year after settling Jamestown, Smith set out with a small crew on back-to- back expeditions in hopes of mapping the Chesapeake Bay and discovering a route to the Pacific Ocean. Now, KG and Ringy have exclusive access to three sites along Smith’s route that could be rife with nectar, including artifacts from the legendary voyages.

Diggers: Lewis & Clark’s Montana Bonanza
Monday, Sept. 7, at 10/9c
KG and Ringy are on the trail of some epic nectar right in their own backyard! They’re in Montana following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, the legendary explorers who paved the way for westward expansion. If there's any evidence of their expedition left behind, the Diggers are determined to find it. Along the way, they'll also search for Twenty-Eight Mile Station, a lost stagecoach stop that hosted travelers from the headwaters of the Missouri River heading to the Pacific Northwest.

Diggers: Nazis in Mississippi
Monday, Sept. 7, at 10:30/9:30c
The Diggers are searching for World War II German artifacts in the heart of ... Mississippi? Yes, it surprised us, too. But there were hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war locked up right here in the U.S. In 1943, the US military started bringing German POWs to the United States to relieve the stress of housing them in England and North Africa. KG and Ringy are headed to Camp Clinton, a major POW basecamp established in Mississippi.

Diggers is produced for National Geographic Channels by Half Yard Productions; Abby Greensfelder, Sean Gallagher and John Jones are executive producers. For National Geographic Channel, Michael Kovnat is executive producer and Tim Pastore is president, original programming & production.


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