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April 2015


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Hardworking Men and Women Forge a Path Into the Wild, Slogging Through Dirt and

Sludge to Make a Living off the Land


Season Two Premieres Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 9/8c


(Washington, DC – April 7, 2015) There’s a good living to be made in the Northern American wilderness, but only a few know how to get it. They’re not average 9-to-5 workers — they’re willing to get their hands dirty to get their payday. From raking through the sprawling mudflats of Maine to dig up prized bloodworms, to trudging through Louisiana swamps for gators, these modern pioneers aren’t afraid of a little grime. The muddiest, grubbiest men and women on television are back for a second season and are going deeper into the muck than ever before.


National Geographic Channel dives into the wild with these industrious Americans who would rather wade through deep rivers and underbrush than piles of paperwork. The second season of Filthy Riches premieres Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 9/8c, and the stakes are higher, the mud is deeper, but no one will be backing down from the challenge. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @NGC_PR.


Some familiar faces from season one return to battle every trial Mother Nature throws their way — getting dirtier than ever in the process — while some colorful new personalities are ready to dive into the muck in season two. Resourceful and innovative, these renegades shun the corporate life in favor of the wilderness, all while keeping within the limits of the law.


Louisiana is known as the stomping grounds for some of the most dangerous creatures in North America. But to Cajuns David LaGrange, Keith Major and Keith’s son Seth, the swamp is home. They survive year-round off of everything that the good bayou provides, but come September their attention turns to one thing … gators. During a short, regulated hunting season designed to keep populations in check, these enterprising men are licensed to hunt gators. Every time they catch one, they bring it to Tim LeBlanc’s renowned processing plant. The longer the gator, the bigger the payday.


On the unpredictable Delaware River, Hancock, New York, native Ray Turner has built an eel weir where he catches eels migrating to the ocean. Ray has been working on the river for over 30 years. Every day, Ray battles the unforgiving river current to protect his weir from falling apart. After harvesting the eels, he takes his bounty back to his self-constructed smokehouse where he processes, smokes and sells them.


On the vast mudflats created by Maine’s receding tides, Jim Campbell and Andy Johns dig their way across the mud to find valuable bloodworms. They sell the worms to local bait shops, and from there the worms can end up on the end of fishermen’s lines all across the world. Each worm is money in their pockets, but they can only dig for so long. Time’s up when the tide returns.  

The unwieldy tree growths know as burls were once the bane of the logging industry, but for Cliff Witt, they are a blessing. To wood and burl dealers, artists, instrument makers, high-end auto manufacturers and veneer specialists, the burls that Cliff pulls are referred to as “pure gold.” But despite the wood’s high value, bringing the burls to market requires Cliff to put his livelihood on the line every day — he never knows the wood’s true worth until it’s cracked open.


Fueled by a steady demand from the restaurant industry, Chris Matherly and his business partner Levena Holmes scour the forests looking for wild mushrooms. They operate the Morel

Mushroom Hunting Club, traveling across the country and hunting through unfamiliar forests. The pair must put their reputation, and lives, on the line to deliver the best mushrooms to their discerning clients.


Without any rulebook to follow, or bosses to report to, this muddy and industrious bunch must rely on their own strength and determination to make their living on Filthy Riches.


Premiere episodes Include:


Filthy Riches: Bloodworms, Eels and Gators

Premieres Wednesday, May 6, at 9/8c

In Hancock, New York, Ray Turner is building his biggest weir ever, and with the eel migration right around the corner, Ray’s rushing to get the rack in the water. Down in Louisiana, it’s opening day of alligator season and hunters David LaGrange, Keith Major and Keith’s son Seth are champin’ at the bit to get out on the swamp. Up in Maine, worm diggers Jim Campbell and Andy Johns are eager to get back on the mud and bring home the bacon. And to start off strong, ‘shroom hunters Chris Matherly and Levena Holmes have a bunch of buyers who are counting on them to bring in a haul of the trendy mushroom Chaga, and they’re making for the hills of West Virginia in hopes of finding the mother lode.


Filthy Riches: Dying for Dollars

Premieres Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at 9/8c

In Bath, Maine, wormers Jim Campbell and Andy Johns are competing for a $3,000 prize — but while a bonus would be nice, there’s still a check to be earned, and today that means digging sandworms. In Hancock, New York, eel fisherman Ray Turner is rebuilding after Mother Nature ripped his trap right out of the Delaware River, but with lost time and the eel migration right around the corner, he needs to get up and running fast. In central California, burler Cliff Witt and his son Zeb are on the hunt for 1,500 pounds of buckeye, but with gravity working against them, that’s easier said than done. Down in the swamps of Louisiana, there’s a showdown brewing — Cajuns vs. reptiles — as gator hunters Keith, Seth and David are on the prowl to continue their hot streak.


Filthy Riches: Big Gator, Small Boat

Premieres Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at 9/8c

Down in bayou country, Cajuns David, Keith and his son Seth are running out of luck, and if they don’t turn it around immediately, they’re also gonna be out a big payday. Up in Maine, worm diggers Jim and Andy are hanging up their rakes in favor of dive tanks, hoping to strike underwater gold with a big sea urchin haul. In Hancock, New York, Ray has discovered something’s been stealing eels from his trap, and drastic times call for drastic measures. In the forests of Maine, Chris and Levena are on the hunt for extremely rare and valuable mushrooms, but an injury puts their mission in jeopardy.

Filthy Riches: Monster Storm

Premieres Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at 9/8c

Deep in the Louisiana swamp, gator season has reached its halfway point, and with every passing day, gators become increasingly difficult to bag. With time running out, David’s shooting slump has put the entire operation in jeopardy. In Hancock, New York, Ray Turner’s discovered that a black bear has been using his eel trap as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Now Ray’s in a mad scramble to devise a solution before the bear destroys his business. In central California, Cliff Witt gambles thousands on one walnut burl to satisfy his biggest client. Up in Maine, Jim and Andy throw caution to the wind in pursuit of worms and dollars as they strike out to dig in the midst of a nasty nor’easter.


Filthy Riches is produced by Half Yard Productions for National Geographic Channel. For Half Yard Productions, executive producers are Greg Smith, Abby Greensfelder and Sean Gallagher. For National Geographic Channel, executive producer is Michael Welsh, vice president of production & development is Kevin Mohs and president of original programming and production is Tim Pastore.


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